Vol 2.21 | 05.24.19

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Designing Japan’s Next-Gen Bullet Train

Aerodynamics, sonic booms, pressure waves … it makes sense to think about these things when talking about high-performance aircraft. Now, they are part of the conversation in designing trains. That’s aiming for speeds of up to 250 mph on rails through tunnels will do.

The Moon Isn’t As Full As It Used to Be

Using a fancy new algorithm to reanalyze nearly 40+-year-old seismological data from instruments left on the lunar surface by the Apollo astronauts, scientists have found that not only is the moon shrinking — it is likely an active, quaking place. Images obtained by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter since being launched in 2009 corroborate what the mathematical analysis shows. Check out #2 below: an image showing a boulder that rolled down a hill, cutting a noticeable path through the lunar regolith

Photorealistic Painting

In a commercial in the ’70’s, the voice of Ella Fitzgerald shattered glass and viewers were asked “Is it live, or is it Memorex?” The idea of the ad was that the audio quality of a recording made one a Memorex cassette tape was indistinguishable from the real live listening experience. I couldn’t help but be reminded of that ad and question when looking at these images and realizing they are paintings, not photographs. Amazing.

What Investing in the Future Looks Like

Robert Smith knows investing: the billionaire founder of Vista Equity Partners surprised the graduating class of Morehouse College by making a surprise announcement during his commencement speech. It’s worth watching and hearing the wave of suspended disbelief turn to shocked joy throughout the graduates.

Harvard Law, Lawyers, and Mobs

It’s not a good thing when lawyers are made to suffer social and life consequences simply because of their willingness to provide legal representation to awful people charged with terrible crimes. When the people seeking to inflict those consequences on a lawyer are themselves students studying to become lawyers at the premier law school in America, something seriously wrong is going on.