Vol. 2.25 | 06.21.19

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Smart Phones Are Making People Horny

Australian researchers studying thousands of x-ray images have discovered a disturbing trend: bone spurs developing on the base of the back of people’s skulls, creating a horn-like protrusion. The cause? — years spent in a posture with the head tilted downward, staring at a smartphone screen, putting extra load on the tiny muscles in the back of the neck, to which the body responds by generating new bone growth to compensate. This is, quite literally, an image of how environmental factors trigger biological adaptions. In other words, this is a snapshot of human evolution in process.

(And no, I’m clearly not above a click-bait headline myself, especially when it essentially writes itself. But they say public confession is good for the soul, so…)

IMAGE: Washington Post

A Watched Clock Never Varies

When you set up a physics experiment to closely monitor 12 atomic clocks for even the slightest variation over the course of 14 years, then this is big news. Why? Because the lack of variation in the way these clocks measure time — by measuring light particle wave emissions from an atom that oscillate at a constant rate of several billion times per second — over an extended period of time proves a fundamental principle of physics: that the rules of physics don’t change over time and place. Read this to find out how watching clocks proved this, and why it matters.

GE’s Comically Complicated “Smart” Bulb Procedure

Watch this and just try to avoid thinking “This has to be a spoof.” This is literally more complicated than the famous unlimited lives cheat code for Contra back in the day. Say it with me, Nintendo generation: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Start …

RoboCop Now On Duty

While it looks more like a rolling trashcan than even an R2 unit, let alone the muscular law enforcing machinery of the original RoboCop, the HP RoboCop unit has two things working for it that the others don’t: it’s an actual, real thing, and it sports an impressive 360 degree field of vision HD surveillance camera and recording capability.

I’m sure nothing can go wrong with this idea…

The Continuing Mystery of Flight MH370

It’s been over five years since the Boeing 777 operating as Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared from radar after leaving Malaysian airspace en route to Beijing, China. Like a bad network drama, the most advanced airliner in the world just disappeared without a trace, with nearly 300 souls aboard. It would nearly a year and a half before a single piece of wreckage was found: a piece of a wing that washed ashore a tiny French island in the western Indian Ocean. This is a long but fascinating read on the mysterious tragedy, and why what little evidentiary signs there are all point to a suicidal pilot as the cause.