Vol. 2.31 | 08.02.19

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Einstein Is Still Right

This time, it’s the super-massive black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy that is confirming the genius of Einstein. Through high-tech scientific wizardry, astronomers are able to measure how much the black hole’s gravity well exerts a distortion affect on the wavelength of the light of nearby stars, just as¬†Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity¬†predicts.

When Origami Met Biology

Astonishing art by German paper artist Katrin Rodegast, using paper maps to map human organs in 3D sculpture.

How The DoD Buys Fighter Jets

After years of hearing about the virtues of “fifth-generation” fighter aircraft like the F-35, the Dept of Defense has to decided to buy a bunch more fourth-generation F-15X’s. It all comes down to the metric of “cost per hour of operation” and the “bathtub model” of how those costs fall, stabilize, and rise over the life of an aircraft. Call me a dork, but I found this fascinating.

A $20K DIY Lamborghini

Like this guy, I, too, play Forza on the X-Box with my 11-year-old son. Unlike him, I’m not an engineer a physicist with a 3-D printer and carbon fiber on hand. Advantage: HIM.

Oh By The Way…

An over 400-foot-wide asteroid zoomed through the neighborhood last week, and the world’s astronomers didn’t know it existed until just a couple days before. And by “zoomed through the neighborhood,” I mean passed within 45,000 miles of Earth. While that sounds like a long way away, keep in mind the moon is only 240,000 miles away. That, in the world of astronomical distances, was a close call indeed.