Vol. 2.33 | 08.16.19

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A Perverse Game of “Name That Tune”

With it’s multi-million dollar verdict last week, a jury confirmed that a plaintiff could successfully sue a mega-successful pop star like Katy Perry over four notes. This week, a new would-be plaintiff has entered the game, making noise about suing Lady Gaga over three notes.

Uber Still Losing Billions

That’s billions, with a gold-plated capital B. Five billions, actually. The most eye-watering part? — Uber is still bleeding that much cash in a single, 3-month quarter. Read what Uber says its “path to profitability” is that it’s banking on and see if you can spot the hidden LOL’s:

Its path to profitability relies on several things going its way: the successful development of autonomous vehicle technology, which could allow Uber to retain more of each booking; boxing out Uber’s competitors in its growing (but also unprofitable) Uber Eats food-delivery business, where customers are fickle; and ensuring that it can keep classifying its drivers as independent contractors rather than employees, which could raise Uber’s costs even higher.

The Downside of Perpetual Learning

Or, more to the author’s point: “In entrepreneurial and business circles, consuming information has become a competitive sport.” Consuming information is very different from actually learning something. This article takes direct aim at stuff like the self-improvement myth that the average CEO reads 60 books a year and that consuming more podcast content by training yourself to listen to them at 2x speed is a way to “hack” your learning. It’s not. It’s just a way to amp up your consumption of information, much like the techniques used to eat 71 hot dogs in ten minutes.

All About NASA’s Launch Cameras

All the videophilic details about capturing launches of Saturn V rockets and twin-booster Space Shuttles throughout the years, using things like ultra-high-speed cameras and massive, twin-mounted telescopic cameras that look more like anti-aircraft guns than cameras.

“The Watcher” House Finally Sold

It only took the owners five years to sell this 3,900 sq ft, 6-bedroom home in Westfield, NJ, for $959,000 … at a loss of about $400,000. Why, and why is this news? To understand that, you really need to read the full story about the house and its tragic owners.