Vol. 2.48 | 12.27.19

Read time: 3 minutes
The Problem of AI Bias

Just because it’s digital and uses math doesn’t mean it’s necessarily objective. The biases of subjectivity affecting artificial intelligence are more prolific than just what’s thought of in the training data used in deep learning processes.

Looking to the Internet’s Past for its Future

Once upon a time, before the consolidating forces of algorithms for advertising and the “walled gardens” of digital platforms, the internet was an open garden where a million wild flowers of ideas and interests found space to root. That vision can still be the web’s future.

Same Goes for Podcasting

The story arc for the medium of on-demand audio content known as “podcasting” is similar to that of the internet at large. The difference is the names of the dynamics, not their effect. As this channel of information sharing grows in popularity, it continues to get pulled into the gravity wells of celebrity culture and well-funded corporate media dynamics.

How Sleep Helps Fight Dementia

Having watched a close loved one disappear into the dark well of dementia, there is no mitigation effort too small that isn’t worth investigating further. The idea that simply getting more and better sleep can help is awesome.

The Secret to Shopify’s Success

There is currently a conversation taking place on Twitter about the idea that killing yourself through your 20’s-30’s with 80-hr work weeks full of “nights and weekends” duty is a necessary requirement for a successful career in the tech/entrepreneurial space. This response by one of the founders of Shopify (originally delivered as a thread of ~25 tweets but compiled into a readable essay by good services of threader.app) is a must read.