I'm Lance ...

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I believe in IDEASTM

When it comes to making an impact in the lives of others, whether overtly through the act of leadership, or indirectly through the act of communication, values matter. For me, the values I'm "willing to be punished over" are encapsulated by the acronym IDEASTM:

Integrity | Discipline | Excellence | Accountability | Simplicity

These values serve as my operational Polaris, by which I constantly check my heading to ensure I'm moving in the right direction. I get fired up talking about them, especially in the context of organizational performance, which is why I'm an IDEASTM Evangelist.

I love ideas

Ideas make the world go 'round ... and thanks to Copernicus' idea, we know it is the world that does the going 'round.

While bridges are built by the hands and backs of those doing the work, the genius resides in the idea of the bridge, worked out ahead of time in the architect's mind. For it is the idea of the bridge, with its ability to telescopically see into the future, that ensures the success of the laborer and the soundness of the bridge's design.

I love finding ideas, testing ideas, analyzing ideas, debating ideas, and selling ideas. Most of all, though: I love helping others do these things even more.


Award-Winning Prosecuting Attorney

Corporate Executive

Contributing Writer

Featured Speaker



I ask questions

Lots of them.

Precise questions. Follow-up questions. Probing questions. Even dumb questions. (They come from the same container as the good ones!) After over a decade using questions as a tool to get to the truth, I'm a courtroom-formed and boardroom-tested expert at the art of asking great questions.

Why does this matter to you? Simple: because in the Google age, where everyone has all the answers they could ever want right in their pocket, the value premium rests with knowing the right questions to ask. Yes, the answer for your challenge is like a jewel of great value, but asking the right questions is the key that will unlock it.

Communication matters

Communication is the very human sort of magic that allows a person to draw the neurological pattern called "an idea" into the brains of others, which is the prerequisite for leading others or making an impact with your big idea.

For anyone doing important work -- engineers, researchers, lawyers, financial advisers, teachers, public officials, sales professionals, organizational leaders at any level: you ignore the craft of communication to the peril of the work you are so focused on doing.

"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place." -- George Bernard Shaw



People matter most

Just as fish don't see the water they swim in (or so the saying goes), it is all too easy for us to see right past the thing that is at the heart of every human endeavor of any sort: the people.

My mission is to convince people that it doesn't have to be this way. Putting numbers before the employees generating them is not the legal obligation of the corporation or its leaders (that's a myth). Treating people with dignity rather than just as a human widget can be the very best strategy to a high performing operation ... even in an ultra-competitive, razor-thin profit margin industry. (Ex A: Southwest Airlines).

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