Professional Services

Insightful ideas applied using the IDEASTM framework and communication that is "loud and clear"

Leadership Development

Whether in 1-on-1 conversations or in a group setting, I use the IDEASTM framework to challenge thinking and stimulate leadership growth. I push leaders to see past the rhetoric of “delivering results” and focus on what leadership is actually about (hint: it takes humility):

influencing other people

to do the things

that actually deliver the results 

Communication Coaching

I lead group workshops for professionals of all kinds who have expertise to share in which I draw upon my experiences as a lawyer, as an executive, and as a TEDxDayton speaker.

For individualized coaching, I provide both planning and editorial support in preparation for the client's presentation, as well as a detailed post-performance scorecard and debrief based upon my observations having attended the event in person.

PowerPoint Transformations

When visuals are done right, they can stimulate an audience's engagement and enhance its ability to understand your message. When visuals are done wrong, however, they will drag your message and your audience down into the mud of boredom.

Using creativity, visual metaphors and technical expertise, I transform PowerPoint slides so that the speaker's message comes through loud and clear. Here's a case study of what I mean.

Keynote Speaking

After years of high-stakes presentations in both the courtroom and the boardroom, I engage audiences with the drama of a closing argument wrapped in the easy-going atmosphere of a conversation.

My aim is to provoke both thought and laughter while capturing attention through a rapid-fire delivery of vivid imagery, unconventional metaphor and clearly laid out evidence.

Strategic Planning

In working with leadership teams to discover their best answers, I excel at asking detailed questions that get to the heart of the matter; seeing where various ideas overlap, fail to intersect, or contradict others; and saying what must be said when nobody else can.

As a facilitator, I use these tools along with the IDEASTM framework to help clients organically uncover the best plan of attack for them.

Let me do the same for you!