Public Speaking Workshop

For professionals with deep subject matter expertise who want presentation skills to match

Below is an example of the public speaking training currently being delivered to the high-tech engineers and research scientists of the Air Force Research Laboratory. If you have a team whose success depends in part on their ability to persuasively communicate their work in a presentation-style setting, a training like this can have an immediate impact.


Whether you are an engineer working with cutting edge science or an analyst watching the numbers of finance, you have the expertise and the data to answer the questions your audience may have. The real question is this:

Can you deliver those answers in an accessible, powerful, and persuasive way?

In this one-day workshop, you will learn the basics of an engaging presentation as well as the expert tricks needed to make any presentation command attention without “dumbing down” your work or abandoning your hard-won data.

Build Your Talk

Strategic construction that results in a talk that is focused and effective, using ancient principles of rhetoric and contemporary insights into cognitive attention

Bringing Data to Life

Recognizing that calculators digest numbers but people ingest stories; unlocking the power of translating data into words and images for concept mastery and building data visualizations that actually enhance audience understanding

Visuals That Aid

3 simple rules to guide effective visual aid design centered around the concepts of editing, effort, and enhancing the flavor of what’s most important: your message

Delivering the Goods

Effective public speaking is a whole body affair, utilizing all the tools at the speaker’s disposal – from the eyes and palms to stance and voice; being aware of what your body is doing while you present is key to getting out of your own way

Briefing Exercise

Test drive the skills learned in the morning session using real world historical data and information to build and deliver a persuasive 3-minute technical briefing

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